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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is Microsoft's default browser included with most versions of Windows - except in some countries where Microsoft were forced to remove it. At the time of writing IE8 is that last version available to Windows XP users whereas Windows 7/Vista users have IE9 available.


The screenshots below show how to add a new favorite when using IE (the equivalent of a bookmark in Firefox), how by default such favorites become disorganized and how to correct it. The example below is from IE8 and it's similar for IE9

  1. Before trying to add a new favorite you'll find it easier if you right-click at the top of the brower window and select the option to show the "Menu Bar"
  2. To add a new favorite for a page you want to save choose "Favorites" from the "Menu Bar" and select "Add to Favorites...". You can then chose the default "Favorites Menu" or an existing folder
  3. If it's new category you can select "New folder", naming it something appropriate
  4. Choose "Favorites" from the "Menu Bar" again and the new folder and favorite are added to the bottom of the list of those available. The screenshot shows a typical example of what you'll see - with no sorting and favorites mixed up with folders
  5. Choose "Favorites" from the "Menu Bar" again and this time select "Organize Favorites..."
  6. Right-click on one of the folders or favorites in the "Organize Favorites" window and select "Sort By Name"
  7. The result is a tidy, organized selection of favorites and folders
  8. Whilst there you can also create new folders and drag existing favorites into these new folders
  9. The end result is a tidy, organized selection of favorites and folders under the "Favorites" tab
Menu Bar Add favorite New folder
1. Menu Bar 2. Add favorite 3. New folder
New folder added Organize - unsorted Organize - new folder
4. New folder added 5. Organize - unsorted 6. Organize - new folder
Organize - Sort By Name Organize - sorted Favorites sorted
7. Organize - Sort By Name 8. Organize - sorted 9. Favorites sorted


When downloading files via IE the default location to store these is:

The difference here with Firefox is that you can specify the location of the download without previously changing any settings. The download process is, however, different for IE9 and IE8 respectively.


  1. With the default settings in IE9, when you start to download a file a bar will appear at the bottom of the browser window. You have to option to "Run" the file or save it to a location you can specify
  2. Once the download is completed you can then opt to run it, open the folder or view recent downloads
  3. Choosing the "View downloads" option brings up a new window. You can clear the list or right-click on the download and have these options available
Download options Download completed View Downloads
1. Download options 2. Download completed 3. View Downloads


  1. With the default settings in IE8, when you try and download a file a blue warning bar will appear at the top of the browser window. Clck on it and you can opt to download the file
  2. The download will then start and you can then choose where you want to save it
  3. Once the download is completed you can then opt to run it or open the folder
Download warning Save download Download completed
1. Download warning 2. Save download 3. Download completed


Unlike Firefox, from what I can tell there is no easy way to manage passwords within IE itself - you can confirm you want to save them but after that I don't know. However, you could use a utility such as IE PassView or similar.


If you want an alternative to MozBackup for IE then try something like BackRex or similar

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